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your local community

We link local businesses to cross-promote and help foster community growth. We provide businesses with the opportunity to sponsor a digital display in popular locations where people gather naturally.





Our Mission

We link local businesses together and provide an opportunity to showcase your brand and services in a visually appealing and affordable way with our “LinkIT Local” program.

For Businesses

We go into popular social establishments, where your target market gathers in a relaxed environment, and install huge Digital Screens promoting your products and services.

We then, connect like-minded business owners to promote their business, brand, and services digitally through our “LinkIT Local” Program.

For Venues

We provide our venues with high-quality digital displays for FREE! We provide your business with two digital screens in a size that works for the space you have available. We will design high-quality promotional content for your business that will run alongside promotions for other businesses in your area. These digital displays will create top of mind awareness for your branding and increase trust within your community!

How it works:

Step 1.

Call Now and Talk to an Actual Person

Step 2.

Choose a Location


Step 3.

Say “Yes!” and Reserve Your Spot

About LinkIT Media Group

LinkIT Media Group is a family owned and operated company committed to providing exceptional digital media solutions that help businesses thrive in today’s ever-changing marketplace. We deliver innovative and effective strategies that drive growth, deliver measurable results, and strengthen your ties to your local community! 

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