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About US

LinkIT Media Group reaches out to local businesses and shares the opportunity to LINK up with one another to promote community and business growth.


We are a family owned and operated business, that is committed to working with business owners who share the same values that we do. We believe in sharing our faith and shining our light, as will as take care of our business finances, promoting health and fitness, helping family and friends chase their dreams, and most importantly, believe you can have FUN doing it.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to JOIN the LinkIT Family!


LinkIT Media Group is a family-owned business that started in our living room years ago. Together we have over 30+ years of marketing and branding experience, and we care about taking care of the needs of each customer.

Our vision was to bring a team of individuals together that we could serve by creating a business model that focuses on the values that help improve the lives of others. In return, the team would go out and serve the community by sharing the opportunity. Little did we know that the “LinkIT Local” program would take on a life of its own!

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What Sets Us Apart

Helping The Community

We are committed to giving back to the community, and do so by providing individuals with employment, mentoring, and guidance.

Family Oriented

We are a father-daughter team with over 30 years of combined experience in the casino and merchant services industries. We are passionate about helping businesses succeed.


We specialize in creating visually appealing graphic designs that fit each client’s unique needs and goals. Whether you are a small business just starting out or a large corporation looking to expand your reach, we can help you reach your target customer.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that businesses thrive when they are connected to strong communities. Our goal is to help businesses connect with each other and thrive while building the best reputation.

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